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If you are ready to increase the curb appeal of your washroom, the best possible option is to go for a fitted bathroom. It not only enhances the visual appeal but increases space, and value to your property. Get in touch with some professional bathroom fitters in Redhill and let them transform your washroom into an elegant zone of comfort.

  1. Fitted bathroom

A fitted bathroom involves quite a few considerations which include what type of storage you require. Fitted furniture for a bathroom is ideal as each component is specifically designed for your space to make use of the layout.

  1. Things to consider for a fitted bathroom

The available space needs to be appealing so that it creates a lasting impression. Certain components like cabinet doors might have a mirror to increase the overall functionality. The built-in elements are made from varied materials like wood and metal. At times they are both stained and finished in colours and textures that will befit the overall decor in the bathroom.

  1. The periodic elements in a fitted bathroom
  • If you are residing in a heritage building, you would probably choose some bathroom designs having periodic elements.
  • While designing a periodic bathroom, it is quite a necessity to apply colours that ideally go well with the design.
  • Better to consult a professional designer and bathroom fitters in Redhill well in advance so that the best colours are applied over the design.
  • The reclaimed pieces and reproduced intervallic characteristics are needed to be incorporated into the projects.
  • There are open shelves in a periodic bathroom and there are painted floorboards and walls which creates an everlasting impression.
  1. The popular choices amongst contemporary homeowners

Black and white is quite popular amongst contemporary home homeowners. If required bold colours are also acceptable if it matches well with the overall decor. The floor colour should go well with the overall colour applied in the furniture. The common element includes tiles and glass in numerous colours. For creating a unique and chic appeal you can install a spa. It is a popular choice that creates the Midas touch that one is pining for.

  1. Choosing a perfect layout

While designing a tailored layout, every area in a bathroom needs to be well planned. It is important to make the overall area to be spacious enough. Bathroom fitters in Redhill will design the fitted cabinets, wardrobes, and vanities to maximise the space. It is always a necessity to install bright lighting that makes the area looks large.

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